Boundaries, Property and Fencing

Need to locate title information for the purchase of a property, installing fencing or clearing boundaries? Lark and Creese offers a range of services to match your needs from Kingborough and the Huon to the greater Hobart area and across regional Tasmania.


Remark surveys accurately relocate the title corners of a property, replacing pegs where the originals are found missing or in poor condition. A remark survey does not change your title, but re-establishes the title boundaries based on evidence found on the site. A plan is submitted with the Land Titles Office identifying the location of the marks placed and a report on the method used to re-establish the boundaries. The remark plan is linked to your title documents and is available as part of future title searches.

Identification, pre-purchase or check surveys
are generally carried out by the purchaser of a new property to ensure that the title documents matches the property they have viewed. An identification survey may also be carried out for the purpose of fencing or clearing of boundaries where the original pegs exist but are not able to be easily found. Note that this type of survey does not place new pegs at property corners, but does locate pegs where they exist. A plan and report are provided showing a scale plan of the title boundaries, existing title pegs, buildings and fencing and their relationship to each other.

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