Development Applications and Planning Schemes

Lark & Creese have over 20 years of experience in preparing development applications for a wide range of commercial and private projects. We have a strong working relationship with councils across Tasmania and in-depth knowledge of their particular development requirements. We have also been directly involved with recent changes to the Tasmanian Interim Planning Scheme, allowing us to provide a prospective developer with the best available advice on the viability of their project.

Lark & Creese can provide assistance with obtaining planning approval for your subdivision or housing development by;

  • Providing detailed advice on the legislation and regulations relating to the property
  • Consulting with Council to determine their particular approval requirements
  • Preparing detail surveys and identifying boundaries
  • Compiling the necessary environmental and bushfire reports for the application
  • Clarifying approval conditions once planning permits are issued
  • Advice and representation at appeal tribunal hearings

We would be happy to provide a desktop assessment of the viability of your project and to talk you through the application process in further detail.