Subdivision, Strata and Boundary Adjustment

Lark and Creese have assisted thousands of landowners in subdivisions and boundary adjustments in the Hobart region and across regional Tasmania. We have a strong reputation for enabling property owners to make the most of their investments.

Subdivision involves the separation of property into two or more new titles.

Strata subdivision is the separation of two or more dwellings on a single title into separate titles. A strata subdivision requires planning approval and at least one of the dwellings to have been built.

Boundary adjustment relates to the reorganisation of existing title boundaries while maintaining the original number of titles. Boundary adjustments are commonly performed to rectify boundary encroachments by buildings or fencing, or to rationalise farmland into more viable allotments.

Council planning schemes control how land can be subdivided. Contact us for an initial assessment of the property to determine the viability of a subdivision based on the requirements of the planning scheme and the extent of works required. This will assure clients of the success of their development prior to costly reports, applications and documentation being required.